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Welcome To My Home Page

My name is Kimberly and I raise adorable hand tamed Lovebirds and Cockatiels. I spend a lot of time with each bird to ensure a friendly personality.

I live in Rochdale MA, which is near Worcester in the center of the state between Boston and Springfield.

I have Baby birds for sale most of the time.

Priced between 50 and 85 dollars depending on color mutation,
Currently Breeding
Grey/Cinnamon whiteface cockatiels
Pied Lovebirds
Orangeface Lovebirds
occasional albino cockatiel
Welcome To My Home Page
My Lovebirds have bred and have produced a few lovebirds that are seegreen pied. Once and a while I get one of these babies.

Contact Me at
Sorry I do not ship birds.

Above is a Pied Peachface Lovebird (Isn't he cute!?)
Pied lovebirds are my favorites. They love to be with you and love to cuddle.